Welcome, Hockey Alumni! And Thank You for your interest and desire to put on those colors again and compete in this great event for an even greater cause! This is our 5th year for the Garfield Heights vs Trinity Alumni Hockey Game, and we are building on three years of tremendous success! We are looking to have an even bigger night of fun, excitement, great hockey and raising funds for the Garfield Heights Youth Hockey Program!

We are continuing the Legends Game at 5:30pm on the day of the event to be able to have as many skaters participate as possible. This will give everyone a chance to lace them up and get out there to play again, while reminiscing with old friends and rivals, and bringing friends and families back to the rink again! This game is really targeted to those older alumni and alumni who have not been on the ice as much as they would like and really are looking for a fun skate and a chance to put on the equipment again!

The 5th Annual Garfield Heights vs Trinity Main Event takes to the ice at 7pm. Just as the past three years, this will be a highly competitive, fast and intense game with a large amount of the old rivalry school pride at play. The past three games have been REALLY competitive with the games going right down to the wire in the 3rd period. Those who played the past three years will definitely be ready to come back and put it on the line again.

Please fill out this form below completely if you want to play in either of the events this year. Select which of the two events you would like to participate in this year. We do ask that you understand that, due to numbers and players returning from the past 3 years, you may be asked to play in the Legends game even though you want to play in the 7pm game. We want to be able to accommodate everyone as much as possible, while also providing all who come to spectate with the best entertainment possible! Thanks for participating, and we look forward to seeing you on the ice soon!

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